Picture of Judge Stewart Hanson and Ted Bundy


Ted Bundy stood trial for the 1974 kidnapping of Carol DaRonch. By this time he had potentially killed more than 20 women, but nobody knew it. During the trial, and also after the guilty verdict was handed down by Judge Stewart Hanson, he wrote letters proclaiming his innocence and asking for mercy and justice. There was also a psychological evaluation ordered by the State or Utah where the doctor, Evan Lewis, Ph.D., noted the intelligence of Ted Bundy and his ability to control his emotions to hide what was underneath - this ability can be seen in the letters.

These letters from Ted Bundy to Judge Stewart Hanson have never been publicly released. Along with the letters from Ted Bundy there is a copy of the psychological evaluation, letters from two of Ted Bundy's brothers, one letter from his mother, one from a friend showing bitterness toward the guilty verdict, and one from Elizabeth Kloepfer.

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